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Lucia Negro’s concert of Beethoven sonatas received a warm write-up by Lars Hedblad in Svenska Dagbladet. Among other things he mentioned “an almost furious performance which could only inspire admiration.”

Lucia Negro’s scrapbook
is filled with enthusiastic reviews:

“Her Hammerklavier must be called a feat in terms of instrumental accomplishment and concentration. I especially admire the almost heroic clarity in Negro’s mastery of trills and trill sequences with semiquavers on the same hand, combined with close contrapuntal harmonies and dynamic assymentries. Full marks to Negro for her light interpretation
of the sonata in D Major, Opus 28.”

Leif Aare, Dagens Nyheter, after a concert in 1992 including Beethoven’s piano sonata opus 28 in D Major.

“The magnitude of Lucia Negro’s artistry was revealed in her interpretation of the monumental Hammerklavier sonata, one of the most difficult and powerful works for the piano: technique and temperament, style and feeling for form joined together in perfect harmony. With a performance that almost took the breath of the audience, she gave a brilliant interpretation that was powerful and showed broad linear control. Beethoven suddenly felt most alive and pertinent.”

Lars Hedblad in Svenska Dagbladet after a piano recital in 1992.

"In any event none of these pieces could be more persuasively or delightfully played than they are here by Lucia Negro. She brings grace and affection to the early works, and an eloquent fire and refined intelligence to the G minor Sonata."

By the signature R.L. in The Grammophone, 1996, on her Stenhammar interpretation on BIS records.

“Lucia Negro plays expressively, animatedly, dynamically and perceptively just as expected…I find her especially convincing in her presentation of Faschingschwank and Kinderszenen (the famous “Träumerei” from the latter work shows an extremely dignified command and is, at the same time, deeply poetic. The performance of the great Fastasia in C Major is also excellent…”

By the signature GL-O in the journal High Fidelity on the Schumann record from 1992.

“An artistry that is so pervaded by a sense of responsibility and care is – as Spinoza says of the elevated – as difficult as it is rare.”

Runar Mangs in Dagens Nyheter after a live broadcast of a piano recital at Berwaldhallen, Stockholm.

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